Diabetes Tiredness Symptom | Sign No 1 Of 6 Early Symptoms Of Diabetes

Early Symptoms Of Diabetes – Tired, Fatigued And Worn-Out

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Early symptoms of diabetes like the diabetes tiredness symptom comes with being tired and having a lack of energy. This is one of the most common diabetes symptoms. Although the average person may feel tired from time to time after a busy week or physical exertion. Fatigue associated with diabetes tiredness is entirely a different matter. You may also feel unmotivated, have difficulty concentrating and feel worn-out even after a full 8 hour’s sleep the night before.

The tired feeling of diabetes fatigue is usually due to an imbalance of blood sugar. Your cells rely on sugar for fuel and energy. The hormone insulin controls the cell’s ability to remove sugar (glucose) from the blood.

When you have diabetes, your blood sugar isn’t entering the cells the way it is supposed to. Your cells rely on this sugar for the fuel that needs to be burned for energy. When your cells are starved for fuel, you won’t have the energy you need – and you chronically feel tired and totally worn-out. These are also early symptoms of diabetes.

When the body no longer uses insulin properly in order for the blood sugar (glucose) to enter the cells, this is called insulin resistance.

Fatigue is a common complaint that doctors hear on a routine basis. Fatigue and feeling tired can be caused by many ailments. What separates diabetes fatigue is that is frequently present along with other telltale symptoms such as: excessive thirst, frequent urination, slow healing of wounds, weight gain or loss and blurry vision. Keep in mind that you can have elevated blood sugar with no signs at all.

In order to combat the tired feeling of diabetes fatigue, you have to get your blood sugar levels back to a normal range. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels does more than keep you from being tired and fatigued. Diabetics can dramatically lessen the effects of the disease, called diabetic complications. High blood sugar damages the circulatory system, the eyes, the immune system, the kidneys and the nervous system.

If you constantly feel tired or having one of early symptoms of diabetes like tiredness symptoms, talk to your doctor to determine the cause. Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide. In the United States alone, it affects over 25 million people – with 7 million (nearly 30%) undiagnosed and not aware they have disease. Don’t be in the dark about diabetes; take action to safeguard your health.

Other early symptoms of diabetes than the diabetes tiredness symptom can include having a lot of bathroom breaks, vision changes, weight loss, skin problems or being suddenly very thirsty.