Diabetes And Thirst | Sign No 2 Of 10 Early Symptoms Type 2 Diabetes

Early Symptoms Type 2 Diabetes – Drinking A Lot Of Fluids

Diabetes and thirst; this early symptom can vary for each individual and may include being extreme thirsty. Some people experience constant excessive hunger and rapid weight gain accompanied by dry itchy skin or wounds and sores that are slow to heal. Others may be tired, lose weight and need to drink a lot of fluids all day long. Still others may notice they make frequent trips to the bathroom.  Blurry vision, fatigue, recurring infections, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, changes in weight – all these things are signposts that alert you to see your physician to have your  blood sugar tested.

This disease is a condition defined by high blood sugar. When blood sugar gets too high, the kidneys dump sugar in the urine, which then draws excessive fluid into the urine. This results in frequent bathroom breaks, which then can lead to dehydration. That is why being extreme thirsty and excessive thirst is for sure is an early diabetes and thirst symptom. Diabetes and thirst symptoms are one of ten early symptoms type 2 diabetes that indicate you could be diabetic.

Recognizing Feeling Extremely Dehydrated As An Early Diabetes Symptom

Normally, feeling suddenly very thirsty is the brain’s way of warning you that you’re dehydrated, because you’re not drinking the amount of fluid that your body needs. You can soon quench your desire for water or other fluids and restore the fluid balance in your body after having a drink. But when needing fluids like water, juice, tea or coffee becomes excessive and persistent, it could be a thirst sign for this disease or another underlying condition within the ten early symptoms type 2 diabetes.

The need to drink a lot of fluids is not always recognized as an early diabetes and thirst symptom if a person exercises heavily or lives in a hot climate. These individuals may not notice changes in how thirsty they feel since being very thirsty is quite normal for them.

Being very thirsty is the desire to drink fluids, and it is a normal, everyday feeling. Major changes in your patterns of being thirsty could be a warning sign and should not be ignored.  If you have eaten salty or spicy foods, or if you have exercised heavily, increase your fluid intake to see if your symptoms go away. If you are still very thirsty for no apparent reason and are drinking enough water, you should make an appointment with your doctor. A diabetes and thirst symptom includes extreme thirst and this indicator should not be ignored.